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TennisTrend is a tennis scoring app available in the Apple App(iTunes) Store (e.g. USA, Germany, UK, ... ).
Helpful additional information on the app and an explanation of its operation can be found here.

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If you'd like to read an assessment of the key innovations that have changed the way we interact over the last 70 years or so, you'll find it here.

If you'd like to become more competent at mathematics then why not read my gentle maths book "Mathucopia"? It's aimed specially at 14-19 year olds, but is useful too for older readers wishing they understood mathematics better. It's available in the Apple Bookstore electronically, but also in hard copy directly from me. You can find further details on the dedicated Mathucopia web site.

If you're wondering how to work in an easy way with others on joint projects over the internet then you should investigate my company "Syoph" (Start Your Own Projects Here). You'll find all the collaboration tools you'll ever need and it's is absolutely free.

If you're interested in doing something to avoid disastrous climate change then you will find useful information in my climate blog (short) or (long). These both include a link to my individual environmental footprint calculator.

If you're interested in scientific progress why not take a look at my interactive iBook about a nuclear fusion experiment now beginning operation in Japan, by Japan and Europe, which will advance humanity's knowledge significantly.

If you want a factual explanation of the research underway to develop nuclear fusion energy, then this site will give you a good overview of the challenges and progress so far, and the various approaches currently being investigated.

If you need to contact me separately you can reach me