Tournament Screen

Here you enter the name of the tournament, the date, and the players. Touching each field causes the keyboard to pop up. If you have previously entered the same tournament, date or name it will appear for selection in a drop down menu.

It is a good idea to put the date in the format YYYY-MM-DD because tournaments are listed using this field to order them.

For singles, enter data in the Player 1 and Player 3 lines. For doubles use also Player 2 and Player 4.

The default setting is 3 sets (with the third set as full set with or without tie break, or a 10 point tie break set). You can use the "Sets" switch to instead select a 5 set match. In this case you will be given the option of a 7 or 10 point tie break at 6 all in the final set, or a 7 point tie break at 12 all, or to continue with a normal advantage set. Normal sets can also end with a 7-point tie break of course.

The default setting is "Advanced", meaning that you will need to indicate the stroke type which ends each point, and should keep track of whether it was a first or second serve. If you switch the "Advanced" switch to "N" then you are only able to choose whether the shot is a winner or the type of error, or just keep the score and ignore how it was achieved.

Once the match has started, you cannot change these settings.

Touch "Previous" to see a list of previous tournaments, in date field order, and then the matches in those tournaments, and to review the results, or continue scoring if the match is not completed.

If you wish to start a new match, touch the "New" button that will appear if you have been just previously using the app. You can then use the data already in the fields (if relevant, or change it accordingly as needed.

When all is as you like it, touch "Next" in the bottom left corner.

If you touch the "?", this shows a short version of the above information.