Game Screen

This is the main app screen. The view shows the screen when "Advanced" is selected, but when not selected the view is similar, with differences noted below.

When not selected you can use the app simply to score, by touching the large white number fields to record who won the point. Deuces are recorded automatically. The "DF" buttons record double faults, and update the main buttons automatically. Undo buttons are shown that allow you to correct mistakes.

When "Advanced" is selected, you advance the score by touching the light green, powder blue, pink or orange buttons next to the big score fields for each player.

These then record whether the last active player made an "outright winner" (OW, light green) or made an error playing an "attempted winner" (AW, powder blue), "forced error" (FE, pink), or "unforced error" (UE, orange). If you make a mistake before the end of a game you can undo the entry using the light blue buttons alongside. Afterwards you will have to "Undo Game", which will delete the last game score and allow you to start it again. It is therefore important to make sure the recording is correct before the game ends, but in advanced operation "Undo Last Game" also gives the option to just delete the last game point, allowing you to correct the last game score without re-entering it all again.

In the default advanced operation, when you select the coloured buttons, options for the stroke type that ended the rally are shown. Just touch to record.

At the beginning of the match be sure that the server is correctly selected. If not, touch the other "Serve" field to switch it. Afterwards the tracking is automatic. In advanced operation, by touching the "Serve" button you can keep track of whether it was a first or second serve. Just touch to change. If you tap twice it will be recorded as a double fault, and recorded as an unforced error for the server. Tap "-UE" to undo.

In advanced operation you can record a short comment on each shot if you wish. After recording how the rally ended just touch the blue "C" button and you will be able to enter the text. Keep it short (a few words) to aid the later layout of results.

If you touch the pink match score, you will be treated to a match outcome prediction! This is based on how successful each player is on serve.

If you touch the "?", this shows a short version of the above information.