Detailed Statistics

This screen is available only in advanced operation, and shows detailed accumulated results of strokeplay for the match to the present point.

Abbreviations: P = Points, W = Winners, A = Attempted Winners, E = Errors (excluding attempted winners), DF = Double Fault (counted in errors).

The "P/W/% - 1st" and "P/W/% - 2nd" show the serving percentages for points won on first or second serves. "%1st" on the "Service" line shows the percent of serves which were first serves.

The "Win Map" takes this further, showing the percentage of a player's winners coming on that player's or their opponent's first or second serve.

Break balls saved are points won when a service break is possible. Break balls are not counted during tie breaks.

If you touch the "?", this shows a short version of the above information.