Point-by-Point Strokeplay

This screen is only shown in advanced operation. It shows exactly what happened in each game, point by point.

The stroke of the last active player is shown in each case, whether it be an outright winner (green), attempted winner (orange), forced error (pink) or unforced error (red). The server is shown in bold, and the stroke is in bold if the point was on a first serve.

On the left hand side you can see the set and game score progression, and on the right the points accumulation. Any comments added will be shown, alongside the stroke number, on the right.

Each set starts on a new page. This format is used to make it easy for export of the results for further study. Just position the respective set sheet in the window and take a snapshot (home-start), then print using the Photos app, or send the results using the Mail app. The quality is readable when printed.